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           The world is at peace, cities prosper, nature and vegetation are luxuriant. All this is made possible by the Tree of Life: this magical plant, is not just the leader of seasons, flora and fauna's lives but it also gives energy and power to every life's form on the planet. The Tree is guarded by the Guild: a group of warriors and wizards that vowed to protect Life from the Dark Forces.

            One day a group of demons attempted to attack the Tree of Life: their purpose was to cast a curse to the Tree and transform it in a receptacle of energy for the Dark Master. They killed everyone with no exceptions: murdering both guardians of the enchanted plant and all people living in the Guild Castle, in order to prevent the ribirth of the Tree.

           Only one member survived the massacre, it's you, our savior, the latest person which joined the Guild. Your goal is to discover all four Gems of the Seasons that are hidden in the Castle, to shatter the curse and rise again the mythical Tree of Life.

Alessia Drizza
Davide Gallotti
Lorenzo Gambro
Luca Macis
Rossella Scarcia

Developed for the Virtual Reality course of "Politecnico di Torino'' - 2018/19

TagsMystery, riddle, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Install instructions

It's a Unity Build. Just extract the zip in a folder and click on the .exe file. Enjoy yourself! 


WIN_Official Release v1.3.zip 354 MB

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